Kevin Wilson

Kevin James Wilson describes himself as a fine artist. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Art in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design. He worked professionally in Indianapolis from 1981 to 1998. He executed murals, portraits, airbrush and became proficient in computer graphics. He lived in Las Vegas, Nevada, from 1998 until 2002 and worked as both a graphic and a fine artist. He exhibited his fine art in Caesar’s Palace. In 2002 he returned to Indianapolis to continue his career in fine art and raise his two children.

His love for teaching kept him at the Indianapolis Art Center for twelve years, and he presently holds the position of Graphic Design Department Head at International Business College, where he is in his nineteenth year of teaching. 

Drawing has always been his first love. The biggest influences on his artwork were Dorris E. Wilson (mother), Steven L. Wilson (brother), Demorris C. Smith (first cousin), Kay Clay (high school art teacher), Akira Arita (college drawing instructor) and the art of Norman Rockwell.


From the age of three, his favorite subject was people. Rockwell’s art became familiar to him when he was five years old. He loved seeing the magazine covers Rockwell would paint for a periodical his mother received once a month. Kevin always wanted to master portraits. He remembers drawing his first self portrait at eleven years of age.

In high school Mrs. Kay Clay encouraged Kevin to continue to polish his skills in drawing. She encouraged him to continue working with the subjects and media he enjoyed the most, and to submit a portfolio to the Rhode Island School of Design where he was awarded a full scholarship. When Kevin entered college, Akira Arita helped him take his drawing skill to an entire new level. Kevin knows it was Arita’s instruction that led him to believe he had an extraordinary gift, and he helped Kevin begin to perfect it. 

It’s important to Kevin that his work has a message. The women who are present in his art are a symbol of everything that is beautiful to him. As long as God permits him to, he’ll create, and exhibit as well as sell his work nationally and internationally. Some of his clients have included The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, The Indianapolis Zoo, The Fox Network, and The Indianapolis Fire Department. Some of his exhibitions have included The Penrod Art Fair, The Broad Ripple Art Fair, Indiana Black Expo, The Hoosier Salon and The Indiana State Fair Professional Exhibition.

Kevin is a member of The Indianapolis Museum of Art, The Hoosier Salon Patrons Association and the Portait Society of America.

Kevin’s services as an artist include: murals, portraits, fine arts, and computer graphics. Kevin is skilled in media and programs such as: graphite pencils, colored pencils, airbrush, acrylics, oils, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign.