About Me


My Background

Kevin James Wilson has always been an artist.  His interests and talents progressed from grade school to Crispus Attucks High School and on to Rhode Island School of Design where he was awarded a full scholarship.  Kevin earned a Bachelor of Fine Art in Illustration and worked as both a graphic and fine artist.  He has exhibited professionally in New York, Las Vegas, Chicago and has now returned to Indianapolis, his hometown to continue his career in teaching at the college level and pursue his career in fine arts. 


My Medium

I am skilled in  airbrush, oils, acrylics, pastels, pen & ink, watercolors and computer graphics.  At the present time my media of choice is prismacolor and graphite pencils.  This is what you will see featured on my website.


My Inspiration

One of the greatest influences on my artwork was Norman Rockwell.  He illustrated everyday people in common scenes.  I call this colored pencil drawing "The Kings of the Castle."